Awards and Achievements

ROSPA Silver Award

At LondonEnergy, we are delighted to be recognised for our excellence in recycling, waste management, energy, and safety. Here are our most recent awards.

Best Companies accreditation

Our commitment to being a ‘Great place to work’ got a boost after being awarded a 1 Star accreditation from Best Companies at our first attempt. This means we’re now in the second tier of the accreditation scheme.

Find out more about our accreditation here.

Mayor’s Good Work Standard

Attaining the highest possible ‘Excellence’ level of the Mayor’s Good Work Standard reflects LondonEnergy’s sustained commitment to creating the highest possible working conditions and the dedication to the wellbeing of its people.

Find out more about our accreditation here.

London Living Wage Employer

As a London Living Wage Employer, every LondonEnergy employee earns a real living wage. In a region where nearly a fifth of all jobs (19%) pay less than the real living wage, we are committed to delivering a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work.

Find out more about our the London Living Wage here.

RoSPA Silver Award 2021

This award recognises our practices and achievements in helping our staff, contractors, and customers get home safely at the end of the working day.

Find out more about our RoSPA awards here.

CIWM Sustainability and Resource Awards 2017

This award was in the ‘Health & Safety Best Practice” category to recognise our safety culture and START Safely campaign.

Project Excellence 2011

LondonEnergy achieved the Small Business Project of the Year award for the innovative idea of integrating our existing Automatic Number Plate Recognition system to our automatic weighbridge system.

CIWM’s PEEL People’s Cup Award 2012

LondonEnergy was a finalist, where our In-vessel Compost operation was Highly Commended.   

Ballance Compost Marketing Award 2012

LondonEnergy won this award for creating a marketing approach that challenged what could be done with organics. We used a three-prong approach promoting the collection of organic waste, endorsing the value of resident’s behavioural change, and encouraging the beneficial use of both small and large quantities of compost.